Articles on Securing your Home and Business



Articles on Securing your Home and Business

This section contains guides and tips on how to secure your home and your business.

Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your gate motor enjoys the coming summer just as much as you do.

The garage requires special attention from a security standpoint

The holidays are here and for many that means escaping the city and enjoying a relaxing holiday away from home. Unfortunately, with many homes b...

It is important to regular check your fence and do ongoing maintenance. The most common repair to an electric fence is due to rust. Rust occurs ...

e-Fence recommends use of Stranded Aluminium wire. This wire has a lifetime of approximately 9 years and is the best wire to use in your electri...

e-Fence doen not charge for electric fencing per metre. A site inspection  is done and a quote is then sent through to the client.