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Tips for looking after your gate motor in summer

Published: 16-Sep-2019

Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your gate motor enjoys the coming summer just as much as you do.

Yes, summer is almost here, bringing with it warmer weather, longer days and lazy afternoons spent relaxing at the poolside. But along with the joys of summer, comes the hazards that can damage your gate motor and ruin a perfectly planned summer afternoon braai!

Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your gate motor enjoys the coming summer just as much as you do.

Protect your gate motor from lightning protection

Lightning is one of the top hazards of summer. Protect your gate motor against lightning strikes and power surges with our exceptionally user-friendly and reliable plug ‘n play surge protector.

Protect your motor from pests

With the days heating up lizards, mice, snakes, rats, spiders and ants will be seeking shelter from the sun. Rain also disturbs insects and rodent nests. The cool interior and shelter of a gate motor is the perfect solution for these creepy crawlies. Unfortunately, creepy crawlies will destroy your gate motor electronics. Ants are the biggest problem! Ensure you regularly clean out your gate motor’s housing to prevent the summer invasion of insects and other pests.

Protect your gate motor from water

When your gate motor is installed, ensure that there is proper drainage so as to prevent the inside of the unit from becoming flooded or waterlogged. Thanks to some very clever engineering, the inside of the D5-Evo sliding gate motor forms an “air bell” around the electrical motor and controller protecting it from incoming water.

Keep the tracks of your gate clean

It is just as important to maintain the gate itself, and not just the engine. You must keep the gate wheels clear of debris, sweep the tracking and make sure that there is no chance of debris, leaves or sand falling onto the track and causing an obstruction. If the ground is raised, build a retaining wall to keep the ground back. Make sure that the wheels aren’t seizing and are running smoothly at all times. It’s a good idea – especially after a storm – to take a broom to the gate track and give it a good sweep to ensure that the gate moves unimpeded.

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